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Posted by Jim on December 18, 2018 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Howdy all!! The Open Highway BGB just wanted to say thank you to all of the fans,family, and friends that have supported the band once again in 2018!!! After roughly 75 show dates this year we are scheduled for our last Dec 28th and will pick it up again starting Jan 11th, 2019. It has been another wonderful year and also knowing that the band is looking forward to trying to produce another project in 2019, and perform and entertain at some new places in the upcoming season. We would like to wish all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year, and many blessings of good health and hope to see ya on the Open Highway Soon!! Be sure and check us out on facebook and continue to give us your feedback and comments to help is maintain a great sound and wonderful entertainment to you and radio alike!!

back to the sudio!!

Posted by Jim on February 24, 2017 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Open Highway is looking to get back in the studio here in 2018!! we are wanting to start start laying down some demo tracks and hoping to get some new material out here for 2018!!   We thanks all who have supported us over the long haul and again thank all the listerners, promoters, and fans and booking agencys for all your help!! 

We again thank you and hope to see ya on the "Open Highway" and perform and please you with a song that suits your style and hope you do follow us on facebook, and the website for add'l news and information!!

Thanks again  Jim

Open Highway News!!!

Posted by Jim on March 9, 2016 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Well Howdy Folks,I would just like to say first of all that I am trying my best to keep this website updated as often as possible and you can also check us out on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram at openhighwaybluegrass band. I would also like to let everyone know that the Open Highway band is back at it full force!!! The band has relinquished a couple of the older members that was once with the group to acquire the same sound that we've always strive for in that people have come to enjoy.First of all myself Jim Duty is still currently playing the upright Bass and fronting the group, along with doing some of the lead singing and tenor vocals. On Banjo is a longtime Ohio native Matt Inboden. Matt is a straight ahead, cut his teeth on Scruggs style, hard driving expertise and has played with some of the greats here and abroad.  Finally being able to retire and enjoy picking, family time, and of course grandkids he is now in his wheelhouse. We are pleased to welcome Matt on board and help us along the way!! On mandolin once again is a past member of the group, Scott Adkins..Scott has played with various bands throughout including Dave Evans and Riverbend still currently performs with the band Out of Mind band and is unmatched by any other mandolin player...Scott sings lead vocal on many of the songs and also is a fine baritone singer...his music abilities has carried him to one of the finest singers and musicians in these parts. Scott is not only a member of the band but like family to us and most of our followers, WOW!!-- what a great privledge to have him assist the Open Highway Band!! Our guitar player Max Mobley,has just been a great addition to the band after my dad Jim Sr.,had to step down due to health reasons..Max has stepped up to take on the lead guitar playing along with doing some lead singing, tenor and baritone vocals..coming from a very tallented family,Max Mobley has supplied the band with his musical abilities and the drive that we all have as one,to make this group a wonderful, exciting group to watch perform live, and like myself form the same hometown- its always nice when were performing close to home and re-unite with frieds and family!!  On fiddle and harmonies Mr.John Obora. Johns been a great adition with his talent and wonderful music history of not only bluegrass, but his jazz background!!! Also John shares some responibilities on guitar,mandolin and lead and harmony vocals. It doesn't go unsaid that these five gentlemen collectively as a whole have so much fun when they perform by their jokes their humor and their ability to relate to one another and to all of the audiences crowds are just amazed how we have so much fun and still seem to put a lot of work effort and talent into our performance....I would like to welcome you to check out any of our videos on this website or Facebook or YouTube and take a listen to what we have to offer...once again I think you for taking the opportunity to check us out and always remember that you are our "Grand ole Opry', and no matter how many are listening or watching whether it be 2 or 2000,our Performance never changes for you the people we want to provide you with the best entertainment and hospitality that we can and we're so thankful for you all the fans,radio DJs, promoters alike!!!

We Are Now On Facebook!

Posted by Jim on July 23, 2011 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Open Highway now has a Facebook page! We will post all of our dates and important info on our page along with our website here. "Like" us on Facebook at Open Highway Bluegrass band Thanks!