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  Thank you for taking the opportunity to let the Open Highway Band tell you a little about our group, places we've been, and what we love to do and in turn hoping the fans alike will enjoy what we have to offer.  The band has been around for about 26 years, taking a few years off and deciding to get back into the music circuit while having fun, which we have certainly missed.  The band decided to get back together in February of 2010, and after a few different jams, and shows it was decided that the group that once was, would have to endure the changes that most bands go thru, and continue the success with someone else fronting the group and leading the band as a team effort. We have changed a few things but we believe it to be for the best for all.  We still wanted a solid traditional bluegrass band sound, along with solid instrumentation, vocals, and taking pride in originating and performing our own material and most of all sharing our enjoyment performing on stage and getting the crowds involved in our performance.  Without you fans, radio DJs, and  promoters alike none of this would be possible.  Please feel free to check out our pics, music, band bios and our schedule. You may e-mail us at [email protected] any time or feel free to call at 614-561-0811.

To listen to music, visit the video tab,or check us at Youtube, or on our Facebook page!!

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